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Quantum Critical Machine Program


The Quantum Critical Machine Program (CMP) was created with one goal in mind, to minimize machine downtime and eliminate supply chain problems associated with getting replacement parts in-house. Our multi-step process begins with your facility overview and ends with a well planned critical parts inventory that is used as preventative inventory. Quantum Precision offers a wide range of inventory options that meets your production demands while reducing overhead costs. 

critical machine programThe first step in the CMP is to understand what happens daily on your production floor, and what machines are critical to the manufacturing operation. Once a critical machine list has been identified, a replacement parts catalog is generated for each machine, and reviewed by Quantum Precision Group. Upon review, Quantum can determined which parts should be inventoried based on several agreed upon factors. The parts catalog contains all necessary parts and materials that we suggest be addressed in order to eliminate a potential critical failure in the production sequence.


Regardless of the situation, Quantum believes that every production facility should have a critical machine program implemented. For assistance in avoiding expensive downtime while keeping your overhead to a minimum, please contact Quantum Precision Group.


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