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Lubrication Systems


lubrication systemsThe proper lubrication to your machinery is essential to its operation.  A properly working lubrication system provides the right lubrication, in the proper amount, in the exact area that needs lubrication, at the moment the lubrication is needed.  Lubrication can be delivered through a variety of systems, with one of the most popular now being the air/oil injection system.

With an air/oil injection system, you get high-efficiency lubrication and cooling for precision applications, as would be seen with a high-speed spindle which requires accurate oil deliveries. The air/oil injection design sends precise amounts of lubricant to your machine component and eliminates the oil fog associated with oil mist type systems.

  • Quantum Lubrication System Advantages
  • Improved machine performance and productivity
  • Improved machine reliability
  • Precisely metered amount of oil provided to the lubrication points
  • More points lubricated with one system
  • Reduced lubrication consumption
  • No environmental hazard to your workers from atomized oil in the air
  • Reduced total cost of machine tool operation

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