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Quantum Precision Group offers an extensive range of quality electronic products, when you need them, at a competitive price.  Our experienced technical support staff can help you find the right servo, hi frequency drive, positioning sensor, or even vibration analysis system.  Whether your need is a small drawbar sensor, or a complete drive system for a custom machine, Quantum is ready to assist you with all your electronic component needs.


servos Servos - Precise control of position, torque, and speed.  AC Brushless Servos, DC Servos
encoders Encoders – Rotary, Shaft, Linear, Absolute, Incremental, and more.
sensors Sensors –Acoustic, vibration, magnetic, flow, positional, angle, distance, speed, force, pressure, proximity, and more.
vibration analysis systems Vibration Monitoring Systems – New Product!!! – Affordable vibration analysis technology is available through Quantum Precision Group utilizing the iPad platform.  Monitor your plants critical equipment and trend the vibration levels.  Helps eliminate unexpected machine failures.  Click the link to review the iPad Vibration System specification sheet.


The professionals at Quantum are available to assist you with any of the following Electronic Products.  If you don’t see your item listed, please contact Quantum at 866-868-9574 or email us for assistance.

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